American Le Mans Series Leader Light System

The American Le Mans Series features four exciting races within one event on a race weekend.

Four separate classes compete for category wins and the overall victory during an ALMS endurance race.

The speed difference between the faster prototype cars and the GT machines produces dramatic, non-stop passing with some frantic action throughout the entire competition.

The four classes include LMP1 (high-tech, exotic, purpose built race cars with engines over 600 horsepower), LMP2 (high-tech, exotic, purpose-built race cars with engines over 500 horsepower, including the Acura-powered cars), GT1 (highly modified, production-based, two-wheel-drive Grand Touring cars with engines over 600 horsepower) and GT2 (highly modified, production-based, two-wheel- drive Grand Touring cars with engines over 450 horsepower).

To keep up with the disparity in speeds, the American Le Mans Series has instituted a pioneering state-of-the-art Leader Light System.

The LMP1 cars have red lights installed on their machines, the LMP2 cars have blue lights, the GT1 cars have green lights and the GT2 cars have yellow lights.

The top three positions in each class can be detected by the lights on the side of the cars, with one light being displayed for first place, two lights for second place and three lights for third place.

For example, if the three Acura cars make the first three positions in the LMP2 division, the first Acura will post one blue light, the second Acura will post two blue lights and the third Acura will post three blue lights.The system makes it easier for the spectators, officials, media and race teams to keep track of the leading machines during a race that can continue up to 12 hours.

1 light for the leader
2 lights for 2nd place
3 lights for 3rd place

Red for LMP1
Blue for LMP2
Green for GT1
Yellow for GT2