1996 Acura 3.5 RL- Specifications

Engine Type 3.5-liter, SOHC, V-6
Horsepower, SAE net 210 hp @ 5200 rpm
Torque, SAE net 224 lbs-it @ 2800 rpm
Redline 5900 rpm
Fuel Cutoff 5900 rpm
Bore & Stroke 3.54 in x 3.58 in (90.0 mm x 91.0 mm)
Displacement 212 cu in (3474 cc)
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Induction System PGM-FI with 3-stage variable induction system
Valvetrain 4 valves per cylinder, with hydraulic lash adjusters
Engine Block Cast aluminum with cast-in cylinder liners
Cylinder Head Cast aluminum with 4 valves per cylinder and centrally located spark plug
Emission Control 3-way catalytic converter + EGR
Ignition System Electronic direct ignition with individual coils
Alternator 110 amp max.
Battery 12V, maintenance-free
Recommended Fuel Premium unleaded 91 octane
Body Type Unit body
Front Suspension Independent double-wishbone
Rear Suspension Independent double-wishbone
Shock Absorbers Hydraulic gas-pressurized with progressive valve technology, front and rear
Stabilizer Bars
Front Diameter
Rear Diameter

28.6 mm (1.13 in.)
17.0 mm (0.67 in.)
Steering Type Rotary-valve, variable power assist, speed-sensitive rack-and pinion
Steering Ratio 16.0:1
Steering Wheel Turns, lock-to-Iock 3.35
Turning Diameter 36.1 ft (11.0 m)
Wheels 6.5 JJ x 16 cast-aluminum alloy
Tires P215/60 R16 94V M+S
Braking System
Front Discs Ventilated, 11.0 in (280 mm) diameter, 0.91 in (23 mm) rotor thickness
Rear Discs 11.0 in. (280 mm) diameter, 0.35 in. (9 mm) rotor thickness
Total Swept Area Front: 229.2 sq. in. (1479 cm2)
Rear: 186.9 sq. in. (1206 cm2)
Parking Brake Foot actuated on rear disc
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Acura-designed system with four wheel-speed sensors and electronic/hydraulic control unit
Type 4-speed automatic with lock-up torque converter (in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears)
Transmission Ratios (:1) Automatic Transmission
1st 2.458
2nd 1.454
3rd 0.948
4th 0.652
Reverse 1.880
Final (Secondary) 3.133
Final Drive 1.333
Crankcase 4.6 U.s. quarts (4.0 liters) refill capacity, not including filter
Cooling System 8.2 Us. quarts (7.8 liters)
Fuel Tank 18.0 U.s. gallons (68 liters)
Passenger Volume 96.5 cu. ft. 54.0 front, 42.5 rear
EPA Cargo Volume (trunk) 14.0 cu. ft. (2.2 CL)
Total Volume 110.5 cu. ft.
Factory Estimated Fuel Mileage, City/Highway* 19/25
*Use for comparison purposes only. California figures are the same. Your mileage may vary.
Wheelbase 114.6 in. (2910 mm)
Track, front 61.02 in. (1550 mm)
Track, rear 60.63 in. (1540 mm)
Overall length 195.1 in. (4955 mm)
Overall width 71.3 in. (1810 mm)
Height* 54.5 in. (1385 mm) *measured at the Manufacturers Design Load Weight
Minimum Ground Clearance 4..9 in (125 mm) *measured at the Manufacturers Design Load Weight
Curb Weight 3660 lbs (1660 kg) (RL)
3693lbs (1675 kg) (Premium)
Weight Distribution (% F/R) 60/40
Head Room (no moonroof) 38.8 in. (985 mm)
Leg Room 42.1 in. (1070 mm)
Hip Room 55.7 in. (1415 mm)
Shoulder Room 56.9 in. (1445 mm)
Head Room 36.8 in. (935 mm)
Leg Room 35.4 in. (900 mm)
Hip Room 56.5 in. (1435 mm)
Shoulder Room 56.9 in. (1445mm)
Vehicle 4-year 150,000-mile limited warranty
Outer Body Rust- Through 5-year/unliminted-mile limited warranty
Roadside Assistance (TLC) 4-year /50,000-miles