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IBEX Innovation Award 2016 Winner Seal

Honda Marine Receives 2016 IBEX Innovation Award for BF6 Outboard Engine

Oct 6, 2016 — The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), along with a judging panel from Boating Writers International (BWI), has named the all-new Honda Marine BF6 portable engine as a recipient of a 2016 International Boat Builder's Exhibition (IBEX) Innovation Award for outboard engine technology.

Honda BF4 Left Running

Honda Marine Debuts New BF4, BF5 and BF6 4-stroke Engines

Sep 16, 2016 — Portability, performance and reliability are the hallmarks of Honda Marine's new and redesigned portable engine models, the BF4, BF5 and BF6 4-stroke outboards.

Honda BF100

Honda Marine Launches New BF100 Outboard Marine Engine

Sep 15, 2015 — Honda Marine introduces the new BF100 horsepower (hp) 4-stroke engine, the most powerful outboard to join the Honda Marine mid-range engine lineup.

Honda Marine Launches All-New BF2.3 Portable Outboard

Jan 27, 2014 — Honda Marine introduces the new BF2.3 horsepower (hp) four-stroke engine, one of the company's smallest and most lightweight engines. 

Honda BF2.3 - Features and Technical Specifications

Jan 27, 2014 — Weighing only 29.5 pounds, the Honda Marine BF2.3 is the lightest four-stroke outboard motor in America. 

Honda BF250 Engine - Charging Performance

Oct 13, 2011 — What features enhance the charging performance of the new Honda BF250? When the electric load on the new Honda BF250 increases, an adjustable idling-charge system enhances the charging performance of the engine.

Honda BF250 Engine - Design Attributes

Oct 13, 2011 — 1. Discuss the design of the new Honda Marine BF250 engine. How does the styling concept of the engine relate to enhanced performance? The Honda Marine BF250 four-stroke engine is the newest and most powerful outboard to join the Honda ...

Honda BF250 Engine - Durability & Reliability

Oct 13, 2011 — Describe how the design of the Honda BF250 engine results in increased durability and reliability. The increased durability and reliability of the Honda BF250 stems from a redesigned gear case and a low gear ratio; an optional large dia...