2011 Honda CB1000R Press Kit

Today's Superbikes come completely encased in sleek, factory-fitted wind-cheating bodywork and endowed with very committed racing-oriented ergonomics-a setup tilted radically toward a racetrack bias. This, however, has not always been the norm. So with the CB1000R we now return to a concept with an enduring correctness of design: a Superbike for the street. In that light, the CB1000R carries a sport/racing heritage so modern and effective-thanks to direct links to the CBR1000RR-that it outlines new performance parameters for today's street-oriented crowd. This is one potent machine, a ride thoroughly in tune with the real-world street scene.

Beneath its clean, essentials-only styling you'll find race-proven Superbike hardware, including a thoroughbred 998cc fuel-injected powerplant derived from the CBR1000RR, an engine brimming with loads of right-now power and eminently suited for real-world use. This impressive supply of muscle will fulfill just about every street scenario imaginable, and it's mated to a new rolling chassis with its own Gravity Die Cast aluminum frame, a distinctive single-sided swingarm and a single rear shock, along with fully adjustable suspension-quality components all. The net result is a delightfully nimble feel plus agile and responsive handling, and this wealth of new features plus radical styling gives it its own unique identity.

Yet the most endearing attribute of the CB1000R is arguably its extremely accommodating seating arrangements. No racer crouch here; just a roomy, comfortable fit with plenty of legroom and natural arm/back/neck angles that keep the rider poised in a slight forward lean to offset the oncoming airstream. These ergonomics work marvelously well for every type of street riding you can encounter, and back in the thrilling early days of Superbike racing, such a riding stance even served quite well for on-track competition at speeds deep into triple digits. Today, such well-rounded utility still proves its worth over and over again, especially over the course of an extra-long ride or a days-long journey.

Of course, such a formula is well proven. When Honda unleashed the first true Superbike-the dazzling CB750K0-on an astonished motorcycling public in 1969, this groundbreaking machine delivered broad-ranging versatility as the icing on the cake that melded cutting-edge performance into an amazingly well rounded and eminently streetable package. That concept proved to be hugely popular for years and years, and now we witness the revival of that winning formula once more.

Whether you choose to call it a street fighter, naked bike or a return to the original Superbike concept, the 2011 CB1000R embodies the classic Honda formula for high performance in an unfaired four-cylinder bike, one that serves the needs of full-bore streetwise riders to near perfection.
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