2004 Dream 50R - Features


• 49cc four-stroke engine produces 7 bhp at 13,500 rpm.

• HRC® racing parts include: camshaft, valve springs, low-friction cam chain, crankshaft and lightweight AC generator.

• Six-speed close-ratio transmission.

• Big-bore carburetor and special manifold for optimum power.

• Race-ready engine features oil drain bolt with hole for lockwire to comply with race regulations.


• Lightweight and strong steel frame.

• Weight-saving aluminum fenders front and rear.

• Aluminum oil catch tank.

• Showa® front and rear suspension are calibrated for the track to provide optimum handling and stability.

• Exhaust system features a one-piece expansion chamber and muffler.

Additional Features

• Tachometer capable of showing 18,000 rpm is directly mounted to frame.

• Front number plate and chainguard as standard equipment.

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