Honda HRX Lawnmower Press Kit - General Overview


In order to meet or exceed customer expectation, Honda engineers strive for continuous improvement - providing new and innovative features to improve its products. When the experts at Honda realized that an increasing number of lawnmower users desire the ability to bag a portion of the lawn clippings while also mulching the remaining quantity, the design began for a revolutionary model incorporating this feature.

Unlike existing models that can bag and mulch only when parts are removed and appendages changed, Honda's new HRX™ lawnmower line is designed with the Versamow™ System allowing for the first time the simultaneous action of bagging and mulching grass clippings. This unique system easily enables concurrent distribution of clippings to both the bag and the ground.


The high performance Honda HRX™ lawnmower series is designed to:

  • attain best-in-class performance in both mulching and bagging modes (this normally requires two separate models, each designed for the respective purpose).
  • increase the convenience for the user to convert between mulching and bagging modes without the use of any tools or the removal of any equipment.
  • provide new functionality by allowing a partial mulch/bag operation that allows the user to choose what percentage of grass clippings are mulched or bagged.
  • improve bagging performance by increasing the distance the operator can mow between bag cleanings, while maintaining the high grooming standards that homeowners - and their neighbors - demand.

HRX At a Glance

Honda Exclusives

  • Versamow™ System
  • Xenoy® Deck
  • Roto-Stop® Blade Clutch
  • Cruise Control (Hydrostatic Transmission)
  • MicroCut™ Twin Blade (formerly QuadraCut™)
  • Honda Brand Value with Honda engineered components
  • The only mower with "4-in-1 in the box". The HRX can mulch, bag, discharge and shred leaves without the purchase of any additional parts.

Cutting Heights

  • 7 cutting height positions
  • Range is from .75 - 4.0 inches (This is a 1" increase over the HRB217 Harmony Series lawnmower models.
  • Longer wheel base increases balance with full bag

Twin Blades

  • Offset for an improved cut performance
  • Blade location produces increased cutting performance. Blade is designed to operate closer to the deck. The design and rigidity of the Xenoy deck allows this feature.


  • 9" wheels feature increased tread depth
  • Increased traction
  • Smoother ride on rough ground


  • New one-piece handlebar allows for easier set-up - merely unfold and tighten knobs
  • Easier to remove and install bag
  • 1" tubing the same size as Honda's best commercial mower
  • Improved bolt and knob. The bolt features a retainer that holds it in place so that it won't dislodge during operation, and the knob has a nylock insert. The result is no more lost parts during operation.
  • No tools necessary to unfold or break down
  • Easy starting with starter grip on the handlebar


  • The HRX is designed, manufactured and marketed by Honda, ranked by Fortune Magazine in 2001 as the 21st most valuable brand in the world.




Collecting grass clippings into mower bag for disposal.

Clip Director™

Knob on HRX that directs grass clippings to be mulched or bagged for composting or disposal. Allows for any combination of the two systems.

Cruise Control

Honda's HRX features a Hydrostatic Transmission that allows infinite speed control for a comfortable level between 0 to 4 mph, while producing an excellent cut.


Honda's DuaLube™ System achieves full engine lubrication by combining governor slinger paddles and an oil-bearing timing belt.

ErgoActive™ Handle

Honda's handles are designed for user safety and convenience, offering easy-to-access controls that make the mower comfortable to use.

Four Stroke Engine Technology

Four-Stroke refers to the four strokes of movement by the piston inside the engine (intake, compression, power, exhaust)

  • Quiet
  • Easy starting
  • No mixing oil or gas
  • Long Life


Engine featured on the HRX. This four-stroke engine features an internal timing belt that results in quieter overall operation. An overhead cam layout, along with lightweight and durable uniblock construction, creates a lighter and more compact package than anything else in the class, delivering excellent power-to-weight ratio. This easy start engine delivers 6.5 hp.

Leaf Shredder

This is an attachment that makes easy work of Spring and Fall cleanup by chopping up the leaves while mowing.

Mulching or Grasscycling

Leaving grass clippings small enough to fall through the turfgrass to the soil while mowing. This allows nutrients to return to the soil and diverts grass clippings, the largest component of yard waste, away from landfills.


The twin-blade Honda MicroCut™ System uses four cutting surfaces to cut grass into tiny pieces that quickly decompose and add nutrients to a lawn. This special design is only offered by Honda, and it produces finer clippings for superior mulching: finer clippings decompose more quickly and fertilize the grass. The MicroCut System also provides for superior bagging: finer clippings take up less volume, so the bag fills up less often.

Rear Discharge

Rear discharge lawnmowers channel the clippings to the bag in the rear of the mower deck.


There is no need to restart the engine every time the operator steps away from the mower. This feature allows the operator to easily disengage the blade while keeping the engine running. The user can empty the bag, move debris or toys out of the way or drive over sidewalks without having to stop, and then restart, the engine.


The Versamow™ System allows for maximum mowing performance and flexibility, affording the HRX user to select either the bagging or mulching configuration - or any combination of the two - by easily rotating the Clip Director. This option provides a revolutionary level of control while mowing, achieved without having to remove or replace any parts or use any tools.

Xenoy® Deck

Honda is a user of Xenoy® for lawnmower decks. Auto manufacturers use Xenoy® for car bodies and bumpers. Honda uses it in many of its mower decks to offer the ultimate in durability. Xenoy® is rust-free and comes with a five year limited warranty - just on the deck itself.

(Xenoy® is a registered trademark of General Electric Corporation).

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