• Honda Introduces Redesigned HRX and HRR Lawn Mowers at GIE+EXPO 2012
    Honda HRRVLA Lawn Mower - Left View
    10/24/2012 - Honda Power Equipment today introduced its redesigned HRX and HRR premium residential lawn mowers at the 2012 GIE+EXPO trade show. Receiving several key feature updates, both the HRX and HRR Series have been redeveloped to include techno...
  • Honda Lawnmowers Background Information
    03/01/2012 - Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of 21" walk behind lawn mowers for commercial, premium residential, and consumer applications. The product line consists of 12 models in four different series, including HRX, HRR, HRS, and H...
  • Honda Introduces All-New HRR Series Lawnmower Line Featuring Exclusive SMART Drive™ System
    Honda HRR Lawnmower
    02/01/2006 - Honda Power Equipment is introducing the all-new HRR Series lawnmower line, designed to deliver exceptionally easy operation, high performance and superior fuel efficiency. Equipped with the revolutionary SMART Drive™ trans...
  • Honda HRR Lawnmower - General Overview
    02/01/2006 - Introduction A core mission at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is to exceed the expectations of its customers - integrating new and innovative design features to continuously improve its products. And the Honda Power Equipment lawnmower...
  • Honda HRR Lawnmower - Drivetrain
    02/01/2006 - The HRR and the GCV160 Engine In keeping with the Honda no-compromise philosophy, the HRR lawnmower line features an advanced 4-cycle power system, the Honda GCV160, which provides a quiet, low-emission and reliable source to power both ...
  • HRR and the Oyster Pearl Deck
    Honda HRR Lawnmower
    02/01/2006 - The new HRR Series lawnmower is designed with a heavy-duty 21" steel deck. Of particular note on the new HRR models is the Oyster Pearl deck. While the deck is equally as durable as other Honda steel decks, the lighter grey color is a...
  • Honda HRR Lawnmower - SMART Drive™ System
    Honda HRR Lawnmower
    02/01/2006 - Introduction The HRR216K3VXA marks the introduction of Honda's newest technological innovation: SMART DriveTM, a unique variable speed transmission (VST). Developed with an ergonomic design, SMART DriveTM allows the user to easily contr...

Honda HRRPKA Lawnmower Honda HRRPKA Lawnmower

Honda HRRVYA Lawnmower Honda HRRVYA Lawnmower

Honda HRRVLA Lawn Mower - Left View Honda HRRVLA Lawn Mower - Left View

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