2012 Honda Gold Wing Accessories
Navi ABS
Audio Deluxe Headsets (Full Face) 08B80-­MCA­-100 218.95
Audio Deluxe Headsets (Open Face) 08B82-­MCA­-100 218.95
Audio Replacement Headset Coil Cord 08118-­KM10A01 36.95
Audio Replacement Headset Hardware Kit 08118­-ML80A15 15.95
Audio Replacement Boom Mike Windsock 08118­-MN5604 4.95
Audio 40 Channel CB Radio Kit 08E95-­MCA­-100B 799.95
Audio CB Antenna Kit 08E96­-MCA­-100 137.95
Audio Push to Talk Switch 08E96­-MCA­-101B 39.95
Cargo Trunk Inner Light 08E75­-MCA-­100H 72.95
Cargo Trunk Inner Light Harness 08E75­-MCA­-100K 40.95
Cargo Chrome Trunk Rack 08L42­-MCA­-100 133.95
Cargo Fairing Pouch with GL Logo 08L56­-MCA­-100A 49.95
Cargo Inner Trunk Pouch 08L56­-MCA­-100C 24.95
Cargo Saddlebag Cooler with Honda Logo 08L56­-MCA­-100E 59.95
Cargo Trunk Net 08L63­-MCA-­100 27.95
Cargo Coin Holder 08U08­-MCA-­100 19.95
Cargo Gold Wing Owners Manual Folio A1770­-MCA-FOLIO 24.95
Cargo Deluxe Saddlebag / Trunk Mat Set 08P11­-MCA­-100D 109.95
Cargo Saddlebag Lid Organizer with GL Logo 08L63­-MCA­-100C 34.95
Cargo Deluxe Saddlebag / Trunk Liner Set 08L56­-MCA­-200 189.95
Chrome Chrome Exhaust Tips with GL Logo 08F53-­MCA­-100K 259.95
Chrome Chrome Swingarm Pivot Covers with GL Logo 08F68­-MCA-­100 89.95
Chrome Chrome Bar Ends 08F69­-MCA-­100 45.95
Chrome Chrome GL Icon Fender Ornament 08F85­-MCA-­100 54.95
Chrome Gold Cylinder Head Cover Emblem Set 08F85­-MCA-­100F 149.95
Chrome Silver Cylinder Head Cover Emblem Set 08F85­-MCA-­100J 159.95
Chrome Chrome Front Fender Emblem 08F85-­MCA-­100L 52.95
Chrome Chrome Front Fender Ornament 08F­85-MCA-­100 121.95
Chrome Chrome Passenger Floorboard Lower Cover 08F86­-MCA­-100G 81.95
Chrome Chrome Rear Spoiler Accent 08L42­-MCA-­100A 119.95
Chrome Chrome Sidestand 08M50-­MCA­-100 65.95
Chrome Chrome Front Fender Extension 08P08-­MCA-­100   86.95
Chrome Chrome License Plate Frame with GL Logo 08P26­-MCA­-100 67.95
Chrome Chrome Front Fender Rail 08P50-­MCA­-100 137.95
Chrome Chrome Front Disc Covers 08P54-­MCA-­100     279.95
Chrome Chrome Trunk Handle with GL Logo 08U94­-MCA-­100 49.95
Convenience Passenger Armrests 08R32­-MCA-­100 199.95
Convenience Tall Vented Windscreen 08R80­-MCA­-100J 219.95
Convenience 12V DC Accessory Socket Kit 08U55­-MCA-­101 36.95
Convenience Foglight Kit (LED) 08V31­-MCA-­100E 429.95
Protection Cycle Cover with GL Logo 08P34­-MCA­-200 139.95
Protection Half Cover 08F64-­MCA­-200A 79.95
Protection Front Nose Mask TBD TBD
Color Match Rear Spoiler with Brake Light (Pearl White) 08F64­-MCA-­181C 299.95
Color Match Rear Spoiler with Brake Light (Candy Red) 08F64-­MCA-­171C 299.95
Color Match Rear Spoiler with Brake Light (Black) 08F64-­MCA­-161C 299.95
Color Match Rear Spoiler with Brake Light (Ultra Blue Metallic) 08F64­-MCA­-191C 299.95
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