2003 Honda FCX -- Packaging


A compact body with ample room for four adults - A custom-designed platform achieves highly efficient packaging

Superb maneuverability and handling stability

To complement the power train's smooth, powerful performance, the chassis and other components have been engineered for improved ride, stability, and comfort. From city to highway driving, the FCX delivers easy handling and a comfortable ride.

5-link double-wishbone rear suspension

An Accord-type rear suspension is used for superb handling stability and ride comfort. The suspension mount has also been unitized with the high-pressure hydrogen tank and sub-frame, contributing to greater space efficiency and easier installation.

Electric vacuum pump assisted brakes - An electric vacuum pump and master power provide the right amount of braking assistance. ABS with EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) comes as standard equipment.

55:45 front-rear weight distribution - The fuel cell system and other major components have been optimally positioned to provide the ideal front-rear weight distribution for a front-wheel drive car. This results in highly stable handling characteristics.

Climate control system offers superb heating and cooling - The air conditioner employs a cooling cycle with inverter-controlled compressor, while the heater uses an electrically heated hot-water heating system to deliver heating performance on par with a gasoline-powered car.

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