Remarks for Koichi Kondo
HMIN Groundbreaking

Good morning, Governor Daniels, Congressman Pence and special guests. It is great to be back in Indiana.

We are here today to break ground for a new automobile plant. And of course, here in Indiana, we will create an efficient and flexible manufacturing environment. However, manufacturing is really about people ... not about a building or equipment. So, importantly, this new auto plant will also be a great place for everyone to work. In this way, we are breaking ground for more than a factory. We are breaking new ground in our relationship with the people of Indiana ... and our customers in America.

This is our first plant in Indiana. But it will become one of 17 major Honda plants in North America ... where we build everything from cars, trucks and motorcycles ... to engines, lawn mowers ... and even jet planes.

The concept for this plant is clear. We will employ some of Honda's most advanced production technologies and factory design. But with a renewed focus on Honda's customer-driven philosophy .... it will also be one of the most simple. This new plant will place little distance between management and the associates on the factory floor. From the start, we will first help our new associates learn about Honda's focus on the customer ... and commitment to an outstanding level of quality. Then, we will empower them to make good decisions to achieve it.

I know you would like to hear about what product we will build in Indiana. Based on the needs of our customers and market demand, we have determined that the Honda Civic sedan is the right vehicle for this plant. More than 30 years ago, Civic was the model that helped establish Honda as an auto company. And a little more than a year ago, Civic was named Car of the Year in America. This is a very important product for our company, and building the Civic is a big responsibility. That should tell you how confident we are in the people of Indiana.

Nine months ago, I came to Greensburg to announce this new auto plant.. It was an exciting day. And I had a chance to meet many of you, including Governor Daniels, Mayor Manus and Commissioner Buening, who join me on stage today.

But I also had the opportunity to meet many members of the community - who took the time to welcome Honda to Greensburg. And it was then ... while meeting people of this community ... that I knew we had made the right decision in coming to Indiana.

In fact, we are so proud to be here ... that we decided to put the name of this great state in the name of our new company. From this day forward, the new company we are establishing here will be known as "Honda Manufacturing of Indiana." I hope you like it.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce the first president of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana ... Mr. Yuzo Uenohara. Thank you.

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