1999 Acura TL Introduction

New Class-Leading 3.2-Liter, V-6 Engine

The heart of the new TL is a compact, new 3.2-liter, 225-horsepower VTEC V-6. With more low-end torque and peak power than its predecessor, this new 24-valve, V-6-drives the TL to class-leading performance times, sets a new standard for refinement and smoothness, and delivers excellent fuel economy. Its first tune-up isn't required until 100,000 miles. The electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission offers the driver a sequential SportShift semi-manual mode, sophisticated Grade Logic Control, and the security of a standard traction control system.

Acura's Newest Front-Drive Platform

With significant advances in torsional and bending rigidity, the TL's new unit-body is based on a new platform that reorients the front drive powertrain in a transverse position, to create more usable interior volume, while retaining in optimum weight distribution. To advance NVH control, the front and rear suspension are carried on isolated subframes, resulting in marked reductions in interior noise level. A newly drafted version of the TL's full independent double wishbone suspension fitted with larger wheels and tires nets a substantial advance in handling performance. A more compact multi-link rear suspension also contributes to the TL's increased interior room.

Enlarged Midsized Interior

Though only 30 mm longer overall than its predecessor, the new TL has more useful interior space, both for passengers and luggage. The added interior volume, a total of 110.8 cu. ft., moves the TL into the EPA's Midsize class, while most of the TL's competitiors are classifed as compact cars.

Higher Content of Luxury Featres and Amenities

The TL is already known for its high level of standard luxury equipment; the new generation TL takes the approach a step further. Offered in just one trim level, the TL comes with standard features that are often listed as options.

Dramatic New Styling Inside and Out

Gracefully athletic proportions reflect the TL's new focus on delivering personal driving satisfaction. Now more distinctive and refined in its lines, the TL's extrior makes a strong stylistic statement, echoed by the sweeping cockpit-type feel of its leather-lined interior.


The new 1999 TL mid-luxury sedan has been reengineered front to back, all the way from its elegant new grille, to the finely chiseled lines of its rear deck.

With new levels of performance, refinement, handling and comfort - coupled with remarkable value - the new TL takes command of the mid-luxury segment, and furthers Acura's position as a premier luxury/performance nameplate in the U.S. market.

To create a new benchmark in the performance luxury category, everything about the 1999 TL has changed. Offered exclusively with a new 3.2-liter, 24-valve, VTEC V-6 engine, this dramatic new luxury sedan combines the most powerful engine in its class with a completely new platform that elevates handling responsiveness, quietness, roominess and luxury. Now manufactured, exclusively in America, the new TL is designed to exceed buyer expectations with a remarkably high level of standard equipment, yet is priced significantly lower than its V-6 predecessor, and most important, well below its prime competittion.

Available in just one trim level with a compmrehensive list of standard features, the TL is now considered a Midsize car by the EPA. It has a roomy, new interior that's more spacious than those of its mid-luxury competition, cars like the Lexus ES 300, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and BMW 3 Series.

Concepts and Goals

The new TL is designed to provide:

  • An involving driving experience
  • Class-leading engine performance and operating smoothness
  • Secure and refined dynamic characteristics at all road speeds
  • Sophisticated styling with a vibrant sporting spirit
  • An unusually spacious and accommodating interior with ergonomically designed controls, fine materials and an impeccable level of fit and finish
  • A comprehensive approach to safety engineering that combines accident avoidance technologies with advanced impact-energy management engineering
  • A new level of value in the mid-luxury segment
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