1999 Acura CL- Interior


The CL offers a spacious, elegantly styled interior appointed with an extensive array of luxury and convenience features. The instrument panel and operating systems have been optimized for ergonomic performance, while the interior has been carefully contoured for a luxurious appearance and to provide ample space for all occupants.

The designers aimed at creating a "symphonic" cabin, carefully blending appealing shapes, premium materials, and purposeful controls to convey a sense of unity and richness. The sweeping, wrap-around instrument panel imparts a feeling of intimacy, while well-bolstered seats and wood-grain trim contribute to a warm, inviting ambiance.

Luxury features usually found on the options lists of competitive cars are standard on the CL. Among these are an Automatic climate control system, power moon roof and a premium AM/FM stereo system with compact-disc player which features steering wheel mounted controls.

For added peace of mind, the CL is equipped with a keyless entry system and standard theft-deterrent system that can detect an unauthorized door, trunk or hood opening. The system is designed to automatically lock the car and re-arm itself in the event that the driver accidentally unlocks the vehicle while departing. An anti-theft electronic immobilizer system also makes it impossible to "hot-wire" the vehicle or start the car with an unauthorized copy of the key.

As befitting a fine performance car, the CL features a leather-trimmed interior and leather-wrapped steering wheel as standard equipment. The wheel leather is carefully color- and texture-coordinated to match the interior trim.

To enhance the 1999 2.3CL, HomeLink® is now standard. Both the 2.3CL and 3.0CL include leather interior and a cargo net and the 3.0CL features heated seats.


The standard interior in the CL is trimmed in a rich, soft gathered leather creating a luxurious look and comfortable feel. A leather-wrapped steering wheel and wood-grain interior trim are standard on the CL. The center console area of the CL features wood-grain trim as well. In addition, a leather shift knob is standard on all models with automatic transmission.

Air Conditioning and Heating

The CL is equipped with a high-capacity Automatic climate control system as standard equipment. This system offers quicker interior cooldown and operates more efficiently than other units. A specially developed solar sensor imrpoves the system's performance by measuring solar intensity as it directly affects occupant comfort. The sensor is aided by system software that more accurately corrects for changing temperature and sun load.

Contributing to the system's superior performance is standard super heat absorbing green glass which offers far better resistance to solar penetration thatn conventional green, bronze or blue solar glass.

The cooling system uses R134, a non-CFC refrigerant.

Dual Air Bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

The CL is fitted with a standard drier's and front passenger's air bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). The air bags are intended to supplement the front 3-point seat belts in the event of a moderate to severe frontal collision. The passenger airbag deploys in a vertical fashion for maximum safety. To ensure durability and reliabitiliy, the electrical connectors for the system are gold-plated.


Built for beauty, proper anatomical support and lasting comfort, the seats in the CL are large and generously bolstered. Carefully tuned seat pads and trim provide a satisfying feeling of luxury, combined with support that ensures excellent comfort over long drives. Formerly available only with the premium package option, the 1999 2.3CL and 3.0CL now feature rich leather surfaces on the seats and the door panels as standard equipment. In addition, heated front seats are now standard on every 3.0CL.

The 2.3CL is equipped with a standard 6-way power driver's seat. The power-seat mechanism, developed in the U.S., is both lighter in weight and more space-efficient than previous systems. The packaging efficiency of the mechanism also allows for improved rear-seat legroom.

Standard on the 3.0CL is an 8-way power driver's seat that adds power recline. The 3.0CL includes a power walk-in feature, which automatically moves the seat to a forward position when the seatback release lever is raised and the seat back is tilted forward. When the seatback is moved back, the seat automatically returns to its original position. Created in the U.S., this system offers the world's first "fast-forward" mechanism which moves the seat forward more quickly than previous walk-in seat designs. Also, the system is designed to be fail-safe. The walk-in feature will not operate, for instance, if the door is closed. In addition, the seat includes the world's first "auto position stop" feature. If the seat senses an object while moving rearward, it will automatically stop and then move 30 mm forward.

The CL's front passenger's seat includes a manual walk-in feature. By simply lifting a lever on the side of the seatback, the seat slides forward fully to allow entry into the rear compartment. The seat slides to a middle position when pushed back.

A fold-down center armrest in the rear seatback conceals a lockable pass-through door to the trunk. A belt-stowage pocket for the center lap belt enhances the cleanly sculptured look of the rear passenger area.

Audio System

The audio system fitted to the 2.3CL is a premium 6-speaker, 80-watt unit that includes an AM/FM stereo and in-dash compact disc player. Speaker selection and location were determined on the basis of the best sound propagation and imaging. The layout consists of two instrument-panel-mounted tweeters, one single-cone speaker in each door and two 6x9-inch full-range speakers on the rear deck.

The 3.0CL also features a 6-speaker, AM/FM stereo with in-dash compact disc player. However, this system offers enhanced performance with a 100-watt Bose® amplifier and Bose® speakers. The Bose® amplifier allows the use of 2-ohm speakers in the doors and in the rear shelf, which at a given amplifier voltage produce two times the output power as the standard 4-ohm speakers.

On both CL models, a printed antenna is molded into the rear glass instead of a conventional mast antenna, improving exterior styling, lowering wind noise and helping eliminate damage and reliability concerns.

An anti-theft feature renders the audio system unit inoperative if it is removed from the CL, until the proper code is entered. The system also features a built-in CD controller in case the owner chooses to install the optional trunk-mounted multi-disc CD changer.

As an added convenience, steering wheel mounted remote audio controls enable drivers to change stations or adjust the volume without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Power Glass Moon Roof

Standard on the CL is a power moon roof with privacy glass and sliding sunshade. The moon roof also provides a tilt-up function for enhanced cabin ventilation. To maintain generous interior headroom, the system uses a compact design that is very slim.

Theft-Deterrent System

The CL features a standard theft-deterrent system. It uses sensors to detect unauthorized entry and sets off a siren, flashes the lights and disables the starter system. The system monitors all doors, the hood and the trunk and is automatically armed simply by locking the doors with the key or the keyless entry remote.

Tamper-Resistant Door Handle

A specially designed door handle and opening mechanism was created to resist the 12 most common modes of car theft. A large, die-cast zinc guard plate strengthens the handle itself and makes it less vulnerable to break-ins, while the key cylinder has a polycarbonate cap that helps prevent it from being pulled out. Should a thief still manage to break in, the integrated security system will activate the siren.

Keyless Entry/Security System/Immobilizer

A keyless entry system, fully integrated with the theft-deterrent system, is standard on the CL. The remote sending unit is equipped with four buttons. The CL provides visual as well as audible alerts when it receives a signal from the remote sending unit. The audible alert can be turned on and off.

A single push of the LOCK button locks all the doors. A single push of the UNLOCK button will unlock only the driver's door and illuminate the interior dome light. Pressing the UNLOCK button twice unlocks both doors. If the doors are unlocked by mistake and no doors are opened within 30 seconds, the doors will automatically re-Iock and the security system will arm.

The TRUNK button, recessed slightly to prevent misoperation, unlocks the trunk by pressing and holding the button for two seconds. Because of this keyless trunk release, the CL does not need a conventional trunk-key cylinder, improving exterior styling and increasing the security of the car's contents.

A slightly recessed, bright-red PANIC button is also included to enhance driver peace of mind. Pushing and holding the PANIC button for one second sounds the security siren.

To discourage tampering, the system automatically reprograms its 24-bit security code every time the system is used. The keyless radio frequency allows the system to work at a distance of up to 30 feet from any angle.

To add an extra measure of theft protection, all 1999 CL models feature an electronic immobilizer system which eliminates the ability to "hot wire" the vehicle. A special coil located in the ignition key carries an electronic code that allows the car to be started.

CD Storage Tray

For added convenience, and to complement the standard in-dash CD player, the CL cockpit features a built-in CD storage tray in the center console. Hidden under a hinged lid, the tray securely holds up to 9 compact discs. The tray itself is flocked to prevent CD jewel boxes from rattling.

Sunglasses Storage Compartment

Located under the audio system in the center dash is a convenient sunglasses storage compartment with a hinged lid.

Large Cup Holder

Perceiving a growing consumer desire, the CL is equipped with a versatile recessed dual cup holer in the center console. It can hold a combination of soft drink bottles and cans. A push-open lid covers the cup holder when not in use.

Trunk Pass-Through

The rear seat is equipped with a trunk pass-through access hatch that can be locked from the passenger cabin. This is convenient for storing long items in the trunk such as snow skis. (An optional ski bag is available to protect the cabin from wet skis.) For convenience, the hatch can be opened from the trunk without the use of a key.

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