1993 Acura Vigor- Interior

The Vigor features a sporty, intimate cabin designed to enhance the car's performance potential. The designers achieved this by human-oriented design and by careful selection of appropriate materials. The interior is designed to provide high levels of luxury, low interior noise and vibration and excellent occupant protection.


In LS models the upholstery material is a rich moquette fabric; the steering wheel is covered with leather. Leather trim for the seats, steering wheel and door inserts is standard in the GS model. Both LS and GS models have close-grained wood panels on the instrument panel and on the front and rear door inserts.


The proper design and the correct location of instruments and controls is extremely important in the creation of a driver-oriented cockpit. To minimize the amount of time a driver's eyes leave the road, all controls are carefully located, designed to be easy to reach and easy to activate.

The instrument cluster presents the driver with large, easily legible, whiteon-black analog dials. Primary controls for lighting, wipers and washers are logically located on steering column stalks for quick access and activation.


The standard air conditioning unit is powerful, efficient and extremely compact. It is 16% smaller and 6.5 db(A) quieter than units of comparable cooling capacity at maximum fan speed.


The seats were designed to provide excellent fit and comfort, proper anatomical support and appropriate form fitting to keep the driver firmly in place during transient maneuvers. The construction methods and materials used help ensure that the seats won't sag over the life of the vehicle. In GS models, the driver's seat features a power adjustment for fore/aft and rake and an additional manual control for lumbar adjustment.


The standard audio system in the Vigor LS is a 20-watts-per-channel 8-speaker arrangement. Speaker selection and location were determined on the basis of the best sound propagation and imaging. There are two 6x9-inchfull-range speakers on the rear deck, one 6.S-inch full-range speaker mounted on each front door, two 1.5-inch tweeters on the dash top and two 2-inch midrange speakers located in the headliner.

The Vigor LS system features an electronically controlled AM/FM stereo cassette. An anti-theft system renders the unit inoperative if it is removed from the car, until the proper five-digit security code is entered. A compact disc changer is available as a dealer-installed option.


An innovative Digital Signal Processor (DSP) audio system is standard equipment on OS models only. The DSP microprocessor conditions the signal by varying the amount of delay and level of reflection to re-create six different listening environments. The listener has a choice of six different aural environments: Club, Studio, Hall, Arena, Cathedral and Den.


All Vigor models feature a driver's side air bag while the OS model also features a passenger's side air bag as standard equipment. The Supplemeptal Restraint System (SRS) air bag is intended to supplement the seat belt in the event of a collision. To ensure durability and reliability, the electrical connectors for the systemare gold-plated.

The seat belts of the Vigor use a direct clamping mechanism to grip the belt near its exit from the reel. With this system, the belts effectively stay tight on the occupants, helping to reduce forward movement in the event of an impact.

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