1993 Acura Vigor- Chassis


A double-wishbone suspension is employed for the Vigor, a system based on the design used in Formula One racing. The suspension system is similar to that used in all other Acura automobiles.

The Vigor uses relatively soft spring rates, fairly firm compression and rebound damping rates and long wheel travel. The conventional approach of using significantly higher spring rates produces a suspension which may subjectively feel aggressive and sporty, but in fact provides compromised road holding and produces a number of undesirable characteristics.

The suspension engineers were aided in their goals by the extremely favorable 60/40 front/rear weight distribution, a weight bias which, in testing, was determined to be the ideal for a front-wheel-drive car. This weight balance was made possible by the longitudinal drivetrain.


The front suspension comprises an upper and lower control arm, a single rate coilover shock absorber mounted to the lower control arm, a radius rod and a tubular stabilizer bar. The shock absorber is nitrogen gas-pressurized and is fitted with Honda's patented HPV valving system. The HPV valve uses a specially tuned disc to control the fluid flowrather than a fixed orifice. By using this type of valve the suspension engineers were able to tune the damping force precisely to achieve a fine balance of handling and ride quality.


The rear suspension features one upper and two lower control arms, a single rate coil-over shock absorber mounted to the rear hub carrier, a trailing link to provide longitudinal location and toe-control, and a tubular stabilizer bar. Unlike the front shock absorber, the rear uses the Showa-designed NSV valve. This valve, with a specially calibrated orifice design, best accomplished the ride and handling goals the engineers had targeted.


To achieve the best balance of feel and assist, the Vigor is equipped with a single ratio, speed-sensitive variable power-assisted steering system.


Braking is provided by a power-assisted four-wheel disc system equipped with a dual diaphragm master cylinder. The front rotors are internally ventilated to aid in rapid heat dissipation. They are 282 mm in diameter (11.1in.); the solid rear discs are 260 mm in diameter (10.4in.).


The Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS) features four wheel-speed sensors and three channels. The system exercises independent control over each of the front wheels and controls the rear wheels as a single unit.


To reduce unsprung weight and enhance the handling, the Vigor is equipped with 6.011 x 15-inch cast-alloy wheels. The tire specification is 205/60R15 91H M+S All Season and will be supplied by both Bridgestone and Yokohama.

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